We are an ever growing group of people

addicted to innovative solutions – we continuously test new data mining deployments. We believe that it is only through the combination of new technologies and human intuition that solutions matching actual market needs are created.

Advanced analytics
statistical models using machine learning techniques and Big Data
Experienced risk team
several years of experience of the team members in risk management gained at leading financial institutions and consulting firms
Data-based approach
use of multiple data sources (credit databases) as well as alternative meta and behavioural data collected during the application
seeking out a niche market due to regulatory changes and providing best in class customer experience
fast adaptation to market needs thanks to an internal IT team and agile management methods
Customer approach
high quality, relevant prices, transparent process of applying for a loan, as well as follow-up support for the customer

We share the vision, in which products are developed in accordance with the market gap and our customers’ expectations.

Piotr Siwiec

Co-founder, Board President, CEO Write to me

He graduated from the University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics and law schools, such as those of the University of Cambridge and Florida University. He has 20 years of experience in business strategic management and developing investor relations. Co-founder and one of the main shareholders of AIQLABS. For the last seven years he has been engaged into the development of financial products (Pro-Credit, SuperGrosz).

Piotr Biernacki

Co-founder, Board Vice President, CRO, CPO Write to me

A consultant and manager, having over 15 years of experience in banking, business consultancy and strategic management. He has led risk management and analytics projects for global and local financial institutions: Deutsche Bank A.G., Bank of America, HSBC, Santander, BNP Paribas, 4finance, Kruk S.A., PeKaO S.A., Alior, etc. At AIQLABS, he has implemented principles regarding credit risk, value loss, and capital adequacy. A former university lecturer.