AIQLABS combines passion for technology
and data with result-oriented thinking

A specialised FinTech entity based on an innovative management and risk-modelling process. With its advanced technology and machine learning algorithms, SuperGrosz has a very low loss index and a high-quality portfolio.

The creation of SuperGrosz satisfies the Customers’ requirements. It fills the gap on the quick loan services market, which competes with the portfolio offered by traditional financial institutions in terms of costs and payment flexibility.


Product Overview
2019 Q1 2020 Q2 2020
Amount issued 87,6 mln PLN 32 mln PLN 8,3 mln PLN
Average loan amount 3 542 PLN 3 926 PLN 4 783 PLN
Average tenor 29 miesięcy 27 miesięcy 43 miesięcy
Average APR 98,28% 101,45% 70,05%

Kupuj Teraz, Zapłać Później

A conceptual deferred payment and purchase-financing method for users and business customers, performed in cooperation with DotPay. The solution is based on one of the most effective modelling methods (employed among others by data scientists from the community), elaborate scorecards and complex data set analysis.

The Kupuj Teraz, Zapłać Później (Buy Now, Pay Later) service is available at selected Web stores. It enables the customers to execute the payment up to 30 days following the order submission date, or to split it into instalments.


Product Overview
2019 Q1 2020
Amount issued 413 tys PLN 203 tys PLN
Average loan amount 411 PLN 500 PLN
Average tenor 3 miesiące 3 miesiące
Average APR 30% 30%

An intelligent online financing platform for entrepreneurs who expect real-time operations. Finces is characterized by its quick Customer onboarding process and clear verification process. Thanks to complex data science processes, product parameters can be accurately matched with business customer needs.

Finces is online factoring for small and medium businesses. It is characterized by user-friendly procedure, low costs, and fast transfer of funds.


Product Overview
2019 Q1 2020
Amount issued 6,9 mln PLN 1,2 mln PLN
Average loan amount 3 455 PLN 2 885 PLN
Average tenor 1 miesiąc 1 miesiąc
Average APR 60,00% 60,00%